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These dudes are cool and there called "The Flock"

The Flock is the name for the core group of birds in the Angry Birds series. They are a group of birds who live on Piggy Island on the southwestern Pacific Ocean and fight the Bad Piggies, who continuously try to steal their eggs. The core flock leads the hundreds of other birds on the island. The Bad Piggies live in Pig City on Piggy Island,the pigs are occupied always they have to cut wood and make buildings follow them on their newest adventures like Original, SeasonsRioSpaceStar Wars,Star Wars IIFriends, and the new game, Go!.


 [hide*1 Original Flock

Original FlockEditEdit

The Flock originally consisted of five birds.

  • Red is the most responsible and the leader of The Flock.
  • Chuck is one of Red's best friends and is a restless, enthusiastic, wild Canary.
  • The Blues are the youngest and the most daring, the Blues are the mischievous ones.
  • Bomb Has a short temper and explodes when he looses it.
  • Matilda is the most caring of all the birds. She acts motherly and cares for the Blues.

The Flock fought battles with the Pigs before any new members were added.

Expanding the RanksEditEdit

Boomerang Bird (Hal)EditEdit

In the course of the battles with the Pigs, the Birds encountered a green bird with a big beak named Hal, who was kidnapped by the Bad Piggies. The birds freed him and he was later able to help them defeat the Pigs, save the eggs and destroy a small Pig fortress. In gratitude, he was awarded three stars and inducted as a new member. The same thing happened with Terence, the Big Brother Bird, when the Pigs kidnapped the Flock, including Hal. Terence rescued Hal, then they rescued the rest of the Flock. He was the first new member of the flock.

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Big Brother Bird (Terence)EditEdit

After several victories against the Pigs, the Flock's luck turned and the flock was kidnapped by the King Pig. The kidnapping is witnessed by Terence. Terence set off to rescue The Flock. He first freed Al, then defeated the Pigs and freed The Flock. Terence was awarded membership in The Flock and has been seen with them ever since.

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Orange Bird (Bubbles)EditEdit

With Terence's might and Al's unique talent added to their ranks, The Flock was successful in repelling the Pigs attempts at stealing the eggs. One Halloween, The Blues noticed an orange bird named Bubbles, who had kidnapped by the Pigs. They set off to rescue him, but found he was more than capable of rescuing himself. Bubbles inflated himself in the Pig's fort, therefore destroying it and made his way out. Bubbles has been seen on several adventures since and is presumed to be a full time member of The Flock.

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Pink Bird (Stella)EditEdit

The Pink Bird joined the Flock in the Angry Birds Seasons episode Back to School, named Stella. She blows bubbles, which it lifts into the the air. 

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[1]The Original Flock

In the course of the battles with the Pigs, The Flock has traveled to many different locations and environments, including the desertunderground caves and beaches. The Pigs never rest in their quest to steal the eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on Holidays and Birthday Party.

At an indeterminate time, the Flock was captured as rare birds and taken to Rio, where they fought with Blu,Jewel, and their friends against Nigel and Mauro. Arrived after Red, Chuck, and the Blues, so it is possible they were not captured originally and made their way to Rio to rescue the team.

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In addition to Rio, the team has also traveled to China twice and Japanwhere they wore a variety of traditional Japanese outfits.

Space FlockEditEdit

[2]The Space Flock

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In another adventure, The Flock were whisked into Space via a wormhole, gained super powers and fought theSpace King and the Space Pigs. This new Space Flock also join with an extraterrestrial bird known as the Ice Bird and the Space Egg. Some of the Flock (Hal, Matilda, Stella) were thought to be left behind on the island, because they did not show up in Space.

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The Space Flock currently consists of the following members:

Star Wars FlockEditEdit

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[3]The Star Wars Flock

The flock are now based off of Star Warsheroes in the Original Star Wars Trilogy. The birds seems to have different abilities as well this time around (Minus Chewbacca/Terence and Rebel Pilots/The Blues). There are also two new unplayable birds, the Jawas and the Yoda Bird. Hal and Bubbles did not appear in Star Wars. The Playable Characters in Angry Birds Star Wars are:

Star Wars II FlockEditEdit

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In the latest installment of Angry Birds franchise,the entire flock of birds in the past Star Wars I and the new ones are combined, but the Star Wars I are in the Telepods only. The Telepods characters in Star Wars I have the same powers again in this game, but Luke Skywalker Bird divided into 3 characters. Hal and Bubbles are not yet appeared again, and Yoda Bird can be now playable! These are the new characters:

The Birds, Names, and AbilitiesEditEdit

Birds Names Abilities
Red Bird Red

Going to a targeted area (Red's Mighty Feathers only).

Blue Birds The Blues

Splitting into 3 birds.

Yellow Bird Chuck

Speeding up.

Black Bird Bomb


White Bird Matilda

Laying Egg Bombs.

Boomerang Bird Hal

Boomeranging back.

Big Brother Bird Terence

Smashing great objects.

Orange Bird Bubbles


Pink Bird Stella

Trapping objects in bubbles.

Mighty Eagle Mighty

Destroying all objects in his path and defeating all pigs.